Nikolas Soren Goodich
Luminous Layered Plexiglass Paintings


East L.A. Polyglot2003East L.A. PolyglotPlexi and Mixed MediaInstallation of East L.A. Polyglot 2003Installation of East L.A. Polyglot Plexi and mixed media
YOU & I AND OUR HOLY GRAILS #22015YOU & I AND OUR HOLY GRAILS #2Plexiglass Assemblage PaintingYOU & I AND OUR HOLY GRAILS2014YOU & I AND OUR HOLY GRAILSGallery169, Santa Monica, CA
SPIRIT ROOM (DAY)2015SPIRIT ROOM (DAY)Mixed Media Plexi-Glass Assemblage Lightbox - (AMBIENT FRONT DAYLIGHT)SPIRIT ROOM (NIGHT)2015SPIRIT ROOM (NIGHT)Mixed Media Plexi-Glass Assemblage Lightbox (TUNGSTEN BACKLIGHT from within the box)
SPIRIT ROOM (DAY/NIGHT)2015SPIRIT ROOM (DAY/NIGHT)Mixed Media Plexiglass Assemblage LightboxEPIPHANY 32015EPIPHANY 3Mixed Media Plexiglass Assemblage on Canvas
TWO CENTAURS1997TWO CENTAURSAcrylic on Found Window Frame - Glass and WoodBUDDHA2002BUDDHAMixed Media Plexi-Glass. Assemblage on Found Window Frame
SPRING BUDDHA (Epiphany 2)2005SPRING BUDDHA (Epiphany 2)Mixed Media (Paint, Plexi and Paper)EPIPHANY #12005EPIPHANY #1Mixed Media (Paint, Found Canvas and Plexi)
Bodies Mirrors 12018Bodies Mirrors 1mixed media on canvas and plexiglassUNTITLED UNIVERSAL PORTRAIT2015UNTITLED UNIVERSAL PORTRAITMxed Media Plexiglass Assemblage on Canvas Support
NO NAME (MOON IN THE MAN)2015NO NAME (MOON IN THE MAN)Mixed Media on Plexiglass with Canvas SupportIron(y) Man2015Iron(y) ManMixed Media Plexiglass Assemblage, Welded Iron Frame
INFINITE DOUBLE PORTRAIT (in situ)2015INFINITE DOUBLE PORTRAIT (in situ)UNREVEALED2015UNREVEALEDMixed Media Plexiglass Assemblage Painting On Canvas
Me & Mimi2014Me & MimiMixed Media Plexiglasss Assemblage on CanvasDeath of Steamboat Willy2007Death of Steamboat WillyMixed media on Plexiglass
SOUTH DAKOTA THREE 19762006SOUTH DAKOTA THREE 1976Mixed Media (Paint, Glass and Wood)YOGA-A-GO-GO2005YOGA-A-GO-GOPlexi, Tempera, Mixed Media Assemblage
COWBOYS & INDIANS2005COWBOYS & INDIANSPaint on PlexiSTUDY OF THE HUMAN BODY (detail)2003STUDY OF THE HUMAN BODY (detail)Paint on Plexi-glass. Multi-Panel Assemblage (For Jerry Schneiderman, Creative Environments of Hollywood)
INFINITE DOUBLE PORTRAIT2003INFINITE DOUBLE PORTRAITMixed Media Plexi Assemblage on Glassine paperINFINITE TRIPLE PORTRAIT (in situ)2003INFINITE TRIPLE PORTRAIT (in situ)Mixed Media on Plexiglass in Wood Frame
TWO PEOPLE2003TWO PEOPLEMixed Media (Paint, Canvas. Cloth, Plexi)WINDOW SPIRIT / JUNGLE WORLD2002WINDOW SPIRIT / JUNGLE WORLDMixed Media Plexi-Glass. Assemblage Found Window
ALIEN MAN WINDOW2002ALIEN MAN WINDOWMixed Media Oil on Found Window FrameME & NELLIE & THE COW1999ME & NELLIE & THE COWmixed media on plexiglass and photography on canvas - made in collaboration with Nellie Appleby
PLEASE BELIEVE ME #11999PLEASE BELIEVE ME #1Mixed Media Plexiglass Assemblage on CanvasPLEASE BELIEVE ME #21999PLEASE BELIEVE ME #2Oils on Mirrored Plastic Plexi-Glass
Jenn is Ready for the LSD1999Jenn is Ready for the LSDMixed Media Plexi-Glass Assemblage on LithographBLOOD TIME PORTRAIT1997BLOOD TIME PORTRAITPaint on Glass and Wood